Travel guide nowadays: What to do in London

London is among the world's leading traveler destinations where have a number of museums, great dining establishments and fantastic clubs. Take a look at our travel plan in this city.

One of the best things that you can do in London is checking out a variety of museums, free of charge. Generally, if you simply aim to visit all great museums in the city, you'll most likely require to invest at least three days. In these 3 days, you will travel across the whole London. In the south, you can go to a powerful museum exhibiting the history of First World War. In the west, there are varieties of museums covering entertaining and instructional science-related exhibitions and some greatest collections of decorative art, design and fashion. In the centre and the northern side of the city, you just can't miss out on the most significant museum showing over 8 million things and likewise art pieces from the greatest artists in our history. Apart from all these popular museums, numerous independent artists, like Lisa Norris, organise their gallery in London too.

London just has so many locations to travel to. After a day shopping from stores to shops, it benefits your feet to find a great dining place taking a seat, having some great beverages and foods, and jazz perhaps. There is a pretty good number of jazz places in London consisting of the one Sally Greene owns. The history of jazz music constantly focuses on America, but it also has a rather long history in the city. Jazz music there began with an orchestra made up with British and American artists. The culture of music in London began to transform. Until today, we can see many popular and independent jazz artists playing jazz every night in different jazz clubs throughout the city. A few of the clubs have actually been amusing London for over 30 years. Perhaps, before going to any jazz club, you better inspect the vacancy of the jazz club online first. Some of them are so busy and you have to reserve a place a month in advance.

There are many things to do in London, having a remarkable meal in a nice restaurant is a must, specifically for those who want to have some Chinese foods in the city. Loads of Chinese restaurants open in London where you can consume the most traditional Chinese foods such as Dim Sum and Peking Duck. Maybe, some of you might have attempted all these common Chinese foods before, why do not you attempt some new? Like the Eric Yu's Chinese-inspired cocktail bar and Dim Sum location. When you are in London, there is no other way to have a meal without alcohol even with Dim Sum. You will find it so fascinating that how a cocktail recipe inspired by the Chinese medical system, and how incredibly alcohol matches with Dim Sum even more than tea. After a busy taking a trip day in the city, it is time to have a good evening in a dining environment like this.

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